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Reviews for "Amphibia"

Great work! I like the tongue knocking chameleon on the stinger.

mrjoeyprosser responds:

It's become my favorite part. I'd love to do more chameleon tongues in the future. Thanks for your help again!

This was absolutely great.

I really enjoyed this and I am happy the after part was included because I was worried the fucking birds at the end ate them..

mrjoeyprosser responds:

I figured I'd leave it on a good note lol

Wow! Cool Stuff Man! Worthy of Faves! Keep it up!

Careful, people are going to ship spiders with frogs now.

You are messed up in the head! awesome movie!

mrjoeyprosser responds:

:D :* ;) thanks! I do what I can to make people uncomfortable. I fucking love your cartoons. I've been binge watching them. Excellent friggin stuff!