Reviews for "Kill Baby Hitler"

I like the concept of this game very well made

here's to a game being made one day about you, and killing that.

I like it, specially the music. Althought I like this kind of games, the intro was too long for me, and couldn't repeat it more than three times.

I wasn't aware the game changed with every new play.
Until I Googled foor the solutions to this game and found the 4th final ending.
Even then it wsas still barely noticeable.
I suggest to dramatize the difference: for example the ginger guy waas really out of ordinary.
Give every character a different facial hair style, hair style.
When you shoot the painting in baby room make the holes cracks in the glass instead of dots.
Or make the painting fall.
Didn't notice the cross because of the pixel imprecision.

Also when I didn't click on the alien and restarted the game the alien was no longer there.

But where's the option to kidnap him and take him to the evil baby orphanage?