Reviews for "Kill Baby Hitler"

i actually really like this to be honest, it may be simple but its actually really interesting with the story.

I thought that this was a really great game! I really enjoyed the concept and the art of the game. This is m first rating of a game so just disregard any unnecessary things. But all in all, this was a really great game!

A game I understand the ambition of, but I think it's a failure.

The two main ends are as predictable as they are very average.
You don't feel any sense of satisfaction, or of having accomplished something, just to read the main lines of a very exploitative concept that fits on a Post-it.
You don't feel active, but passive, and even so it can work with some game... It's compensated by something else, like history.... And here, it's just sluggish, since as said above, we're just reading a concept idea through rather generic sentences.
If there weren't secret medals that told me there were other things to find, I would have stopped the game pretty quickly.
I want to see the moral side of the thing, which by the way and the reason for this game... But since the characters' sentences are insipid, the characters become so ! And since we don't feel like actors, since our actions, which are often limited to pushing a button to move the dialogues forward, we don't even ask ourselves this moral question that is never mentioned !
Ok, I'm in bad faith, it's just almost evoking upstream with the "Hero" who supports the fact that he's a baby, and that when we're in front of the future dictator of the Third Reich, we can see this question if we click on the baby without a moustache (Still we have to find him, I had to try 3 times to find him this text)... But it's too short and volatile for it to really touch and make you think about it.... Or I have no heart and it goes over my head, it's a valid answer too!
Fortunately, it's short, because we don't have time to get bored... At least that's an advantage.

However, be careful I will spoiler, the best end on both hiding gives interest to the game!..... But it's limited.
Indeed, the "third" is just.... Like the other ends, we feel no emotion, no involvement, no pleasure, no involvement, just that it's uninteresting.
But the fourth is all that the game should have been, and not just an end to be found. Because in addition to giving a feeling to the "Hero", which makes us, the word is strong but I have not better, alive and involved in the events (And I have a little more involved in the events), make clearly posed the moral question at the center of interest, and its implications for the future, etc....
And all this in a dialogue, even if it goes straight to the point without too much subtlety (But given the size of the writing on the game screen, I'm willing to accept that), it really gives this living and "real" side of the situation, and the implication that is missing in the rest of the game!
And then, this ending made me laugh, it was unpredictable, in addition to the music of "La Soupe aux Chou" in the background, it's just perfect X3 (And makes me want to see it again)
... Too bad we have to play 5 times the 2nd end to have it, especially since this end seems to be the "real" end since we can't start the game again after getting it and a moral was clearly exposed.

I want to understand the moral sense of the game, and that flat characters are there not to influence the player's choice... But in my opinion, I don't think it should apply to the whole game. We should feel after a decision that our choice is not insignificant... Even if I feel that the effort was made, since there are consequences... But for it to work, you need the player's involvement, which is a failure here for me.

I would summarize the game like this:
A potential, but too badly executed.

I am nevertheless curious to see your other creations, because despite this failed game in its objectives for me, I appreciated the 4th end that shows your potential.

jacklehamster responds:

Thanks for this long rant. I read the whole thing!
Yep, some tough decisions had to be made about the game. I do stand by my choice to make the 4th ending an easter egg rather than the goal of the game.

Even though I really want people to get to the 4th ending, I wanted them to make their decision on the basic question, without passing judgement on them. That’s why none of the first three ending really shows a clear victory over the other one.

This 4th ending was... well it really was just for fun ;-P

But thanks for your feedback. While you might not have completely enjoyed the game, it seems to have triggers lots of thoughts, so that's not so bad from my point of view ;-)

Don't like that :(

If you had a clone of hitler, would you torture it?