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Reviews for "HENTAI TETRIS"

While the music could be better, it's not the worst. The pics are good and the design of the game is also good. Considering some of the other Tetris games I've played this is a dream.

Game moves too slow, music is the same 15 seconds or so on loops, pictures used for the hentai aren't too bad but nothing special.

Absolutely mediocre. Nothing special about it, just probably the worst version of tetris out there. You got two porn pics, sure, but it doesn't excuse why the tetris blocks are puke-colored, snappy, and where this thing called "music" is looped constantly. Probably shouldn't play this.

The pieces snap way too fast when they are on a flat surface

The game seems mediocre at best. While adding the two together sounds good, this takes the concept and runs in a different direction. If you were having to unlock a new image BEHIND the tetris play area itself, then this could work much smoother. The gameplay also feels clunky at times. When you move onto the next image, the color of the tetris blocks should change as well.