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Reviews for "HENTAI TETRIS"

Any game with awful, super loud music should have a volume control. Not just an on/off button, something to make it quieter. Other than that, it's just a tetris clone. A not great tetris clone. You can do better.

You had me at this being a Tetris game, I'm a sucker for that old game.

the level is too short, it needs more height.
the difficulty progresses too fast.
when your block is 4 or 5 blocks away from the tallest block it could hit, it can't be turned anymore. this means it doesn't allow quick input.
pretty sure the blocks turn in the wrong direction compared to original tetris, at least that's what it feels like.
even if you had time to look at it, the 'hentai' isn't even that mindblowing or anything

lvl 6 + bad RNG and without checkpoints...no thanks a lot

Going to assume levels are laid out the same to start each time. It was okay, up until Level 6, with the "Thread the needle" gimmick. The pieces started falling too fast, made a mistake, and it was all over. I hate having to try and quick move things after getting it through a small opening.