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Reviews for "HENTAI TETRIS"

I think great ideas can come of this. A game like Honey Pop except Tetris. And more hot anime girls to fuck.

However not being the best at tetris myself this is quite a challenge, as I tend to mess up the layers easily.

it's not possible to save blocks for later and the pillar blocks are super scarce. Either of those features would make it much more enjoyable.

So how are you supposed to even look at the hentai if you're busy playing tetris. I don't think this was very well thought out.

Well that was disappointing, its just tetris with the a changing picture.

It is honest in the fact that it is in fact a Tetris game with big anime tiddies. Outside of that however there is little appeal since it contains little to no challenge in its gameplay, and music that is so repetitive and loud that it ruins any enjoyment.