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Reviews for "Mystic Island 1"


dude..I saw this one after Mystic Island 2. Very cool..It made me laugh so hard..Other movies are waay too serious..Rock ON!

funny shit

I laughed my ass off. Is there anyway I can send some people there.

GolemCC responds:

Send them... you mean to Mystic Island? Hmmm.... e-mail them (not their names) to me and I'll see what I can do. :P


This movie rocks.Very good.Norm is the best for this far.


Thee first series I watched when I was a noob at NG... and it's still great!
I recommend this series to al who lurk on NG

0_0 ok sams right i think norms been on this island a bit to long and he may not be 100% sane which makes this series all the more entertaining :D