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Reviews for "Mystic Island 1"

hey im sorry about the last review GolemCC

hey sorry about the last review Golem i was just having a bad day and i didnt understand so now im giving you strait 10s you rock ill i know you dont need any of my help with mystic island 3 and you know about my last review but im a good writer and i make good graphics with the blood and guts and stuff i can help you with it Please Respond or e-mail me at www.SpawnX002Z@yahoo.com.P.s My Hamster Willow Died

The funniest cartoon on newgrounds

brilliant now i got to watch no.2

Nice Job

That was nice. You shouldn't have ended the series tho. I HATE YOU!!!!!


The greatest thing on newgrounds!!!!!!!

I loved every bit of it, the most creative and funniest thing ever made GREAT JOB!!!!!!!


this is very funny! keep up the good work! because this was hilariouse.<(not sure about the spelling)