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Reviews for "Mystic Island 1"


Oh man, that was funny. I love how you did the thing they did in Fight Club.

Your my god

All your movies are so fucking funny, I never get sick of them. You deserve alot more credit than what I can give you.

This is great!

This made me laugh badly!


Sooooo good. Cant wait to see the next one

I love how you made a pause between each question.

Oh and only one thing - the thirteen people is not including the 3 of them. So there techincally is 16 people on the island.

But cool idea anyway. Gore part was kinda weird to tell you the truth...but I can see how its necessary for the movie.

that was funny

im starving fo we have any food aaaa there isent much to eat we ummm we almost ate you good one norm heee hahaha a that wasent a jokeshut up norm