Reviews for "The Grim Reaper Show"


deaths voice is funny

can i have the steamy sex one the other guy had

i love the satanist guy who has to go to heaven....fucking christians...great show


those lucky basterds
getting to die like that

what the last guy said.

i mean look at that fucking review. I'm not even going to try. And for all you bastards that waist time weighing in on the usefullness of a review, screw you!
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God of Doom.

Absotivolutely BRILLIANT

Words can hardly describe the awesomeness of this. The awesomeness OF its awesomeness is itself awesome. 100% pure badass. "All you Christians are going to hell. Sorry, you should have picked a nicer religion." I always thought it a little bit odd that the Christians claim to worship a god they say is so forgiving, yet is apparently floating around up there, ready to mercilessly and eternally burn anyone for not believing in him. And the Jews, "Just to let you know, you've got a long wait on your hands so you might want to bring a couple of those pillows." And the Satanist, "You're actually a pretty easygoing guy, so you're going to have to go to heaven." Damnit! If I only knew his e-mail address, I'd forward this to the Christian fundamentalist who was at my door 3 weeks ago, asking me if I'd accepted Jesus as my personal savior and trying to convince me the rapture was going to happen in 4 to 6 weeks because of an abundance of eclipses that were coming up over the next few years. I guess that's 1 to 3 weeks now. Though I guess it didn't occur to him that if the universe ends in 1 to 3 weeks, the eclipses will never happen.... we only know that the eclipses are GOING to happen because of the science such people denounce. Ironic, in my opinion.