Reviews for "The Grim Reaper Show"


weird but, awesome!


most awesome work ever!


1 of my favourite flashs
love how it makes fun of a load of religions and how stupid they are
im agnostic but id hate to go to the agnostic in the flashs afterlife id be bored in less then a year lol

great one


The best!

It is interesting to still believe that this is the best in the "Grim Reaper" series even though it is the first. The animation is very impressive, especially with how you dealt with the Grim Reaper's appearance. It was just great for you to address all of those different religions. I just love how he reacts to everybody and how they react to him. I guess the best case scenario for me in this situation is to be reincarnated. You manage to make fun of all kinds of people in this one, which is always nice.