Reviews for "The Grim Reaper Show"




funny funny
and i want what that guy had the hot steamy sex one

So Spaketh the Slaughterer

Decent. Quite amusing and enjoyable to watch. Not rib-tickling or anything along those lines but good. You may have left out a large number of religions but that's besides the point. The number you covered was amusing and anyone who couldn't find the humor in this needs to take a step back and think about the irony. Life is offensive if you can't find a sense of humor. Kudos.

bit tacky but has good bits

The captain and the grim reaper were funny the fate of the agnostic and the dude who made up his own religion were good to. Umm you forgot some religions like Buddism and Islam but still good start to a series.

just wrong

christian oing to hel and satanist going to heaven lol