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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

Rogue Fable III is the best game and hardly difficult. I´m

This is like Binding of Isaac i really like it

archer is busted again imo
got 45 min achievement on first try knowing nothing
removing MAX RANGE UP passive was nice choice
also giving perfect aim was also great. it helped me to play more offensive.

Just managed to get to the end in 77 minutes thanks to my skeleton army.
As a tip to everyone who wants to fight to the end: skill Fortitude

And now the Enchanter with 44 minutes :D

The food seems a bit scarce, but outside of a minor improvement here or there, this game seems a lot like it's previous version. I was able to do incredibly well as an enchanter, using confusion and fear to keep enemies far away while blasting them with a storm staff+1 that I found. Outside of that, I got killed from unknown reasons. I started taking a lot of damage from nothing, and I couldn't find anywhere to tell me what the cause was (it wasn't from hunger, I had 14/20 at the time of death. When I shift clicked myself to heal myself to full, I just straight up died. What the hell game?