Reviews for "Ms. Game And Watch (update)"

I really like this game, but the G&W aspect seems to be kind of lacking. Ignoring the fluid animation (which is better for something like this), the font choices and the lack of shadows hurt the game a bit imo. Apart from that, i feel like giving every loop a cum version would add a lot.

PD: The secret scene was the best by far, you should make another loop or flash just based on that one :P

good, i think you listened to what i said before about the music. Thank you, nothing against you or jack strauber, just cant beat meat to his music

The animations are great, and the design is good

now where is that secret....

The mini-games are challenging without being difficult. Takes a little bit of time to figure things out as it just throws you right into the middle of it, but there isn't too much to this game so it wasn't really a problem.

You are TVComrade, Ms. Game and Watch is very special, she is the ColonComrade

This is so amazing!