Reviews for "Ms. Game And Watch (update)"

Odd game, certainly an unusual one in this day and age, but welcome. Still, there's not much to say about the art since everything is a silhouette. The animation was okay, but I found the music a little annoying after a while. Also. lack of cum animation until the final game kinda partially ruined the experience for me.

Not a bad game overall.

I dunno what's better; the cool game mechs, finding out a silhouette of a woman can get me horny, or the fact someone actually had the idea to do this :D

right click her and click play

the game was nice but it'll be better if you added a vaginal and anal option instead of just keeping to anal. come on! give us some of that 1980's pussy!

Nice game, but unfortunately I'm too young to understand the beauty of this game, references and spirit are not clear to me.
But the game is made with very high quality and I had to note it.