Reviews for "Ms. Game And Watch (update)"

I love the idea of a Game and Watch game like this. Ms. Game and Watch is pretty cute, but the games themselves are actually really nice. Super simple, but it gives me the impression of creativity and quality above JUST making a porn parody of Game & Watch.

The details are pretty nice, each game is relatively fun for the short time playing, and the quiz was interesting as well. Glad that I managed to ace it despite not realizing I have any knowledge about Game & Watch.

The game over screen and the secret were both pretty funny too. This was really well made.

Amazing work

that excellent game, very hot and completely sexy, I love <3 but the bad thing is that there is no way to play from the last level or have the other unlocked but still, EXCELLENT.

Disappointed that hitting "try again" at the end resets the counters to 0.
I'd like to unlock it permanently after I beat it please.

I love when you do stuff like this! The GenderSwap I didn't even know I wanted!