Reviews for "Lost: Wood Road"

Interesting start but the story is just too short and there are no details or explanations.

RainyG responds:

HI -

Sorry the game didn't appeal to you. I was going for a kind of ambiguous style, but I'm not sure it worked for everyone.

I'm working on developing the story further though, so future installments will have some further explanation.

Thanks for the feedback though!

I'll need more than text alone to keep me interested.

RainyG responds:

Hi -

I'm sorry it didn't keep you interested. I know IF isn't for everyone, but thanks for playing the game anyway!

I'm planning on including visuals in future games though - thanks for the feedback

Not bad, could use a little visual effects though.

RainyG responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'm starting work on visuals for future projects, so I'm planning that my future games and IF will have some level of visuals. Hopefully will add to the experience!

So, I enjoy a good IF from time to time. This is a bit on the short side, but it was fun. I do, however, feel a little jipped at the endings though. What I mean by that is it feels like there should be more story, or at least more explanation beyond, boom you are dead or welcome to the cult. It seemed like things ended just when we were getting to the 'good' stuff. Don't get me wrong the rest of it is also good stuff and I did enjoy your writing (or I wouldn't have scored it as well), but I mean the meat of the story so to speak. I am fine with episodic stories though and I hope you write more. I want to know what is up with this crazy 'wood mother' cult. I want to know how I ended up missing for three weeks, was I abducted by the driver or was he a victim too. What is this crazy envoy thing. So many questions.. Good job, write more.

P.s. I just played through again for my fiance (she dug it too), noticed there are many spelling errors in it too that you may want to check out.

Edit: Just talking with my fiance she suggested that you may want to check out the interactive fiction (infiction.org) forums if you haven't already. You may find more people interested in text adventures/IF.

RainyG responds:

Thank you for the detailed review!

First off, I updated to fix the grammar and spelling errors. Sorry for that oversight on my part - my proof reading sessions were a little interrupted!

I have had a few people who were disappointed with the abruptness/vagueness of the story. In part, I wanted to limit myself to a short format, and to make it feel mysterious/unsettling. Its my first time trying to write something in that style, so I've definitely taken learnings from the feedback!

This is definitely a story I plan on delving deeper into. I planned this as a short stand alone piece, but I'd love to reveal some more about this world. Particularly as some people seem to have enjoyed it. In my mind this will serve as a prologue style story.

Glad you and your fiance enjoyed - keep an eye out for future installments!

Cool game - I like that the endings are all pretty different. Nothing crazy scary, but good spooky vibes

I think it would work better if the replay button brought you back to the homepage, instead of the first "page" though.

RainyG responds:

Thanks for the review!

Glad you enjoyed the story mood.

Will try to implement the replay functionality in future stories!