Reviews for "Lost: Wood Road"

i guess.. if the music was able to change depending on our choices.. or if there existed some more prologue.. maybe it would had been better?

Praise the Wood Mother! The writing style is just right for this kind of game- economical and atmospheric in a low-key way. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been commented on- the choices felt like I was being shunted through the story rather than being allowed to do my own thing and no-one much liked the music restarted for every choice, and I'm no exception, as this got very jarring.

I enjoyed it, but there's defnitely a lot you can improve on.

good game, but the repeated music and that there are no good-ish endings is not that great.

pretty fun but i would like it if there would be some endings that dont necessarily kill you but aren't perfectly good either

Needs work. A lot of choices felt rather pointless, and the music starting over every time I clicked an option really took me out of the experience.

Things that seemed like smart ideas just ended up being a waste of time. Big example: At the very beginning, you're given a choice of listening, looking out the window, or getting out of the carriage. I chose to listen, got some pointless flavor text, and was promptly forced to pick a different option.
In a better game, choosing 'listen' would find some way to subtly hint that there's no danger, or omit the option altogether. It's especially frustrating when, only slightly after that, I get the line "you think you hear a noise in the woods behind you." And confronting the noise can lead to death.

Other times, I was given redundant choices, such as walking to the front. There was only one option. A better game would have permitted me to look around, first, or do other things, and a better game than even that would have allowed me to completely miss checking the carriage at all.
If there isn't a choice in the matter, why make me click? Why not just progress to the next set of options, or at least have the option be 'next' or 'continue'?

And lastly... The music stops after a very short amount of time. I know this, because I'd occasionally stop to make my review notes, only to take long enough that the music simply faded to silence. Actually, with that note.... the music is also too loud.

Before I give my final verdict... know that I adore text adventure games, so when I say this, it's not out of distaste for the style or genre:
You should try a little harder. The best text adventure games are large, expansive, and allow me to have control. I get this is a Choose Your Own Adventure, and not really a text adventure, but I'd like to feel like I'm accomplishing something by picking options, and not like I'm being funneled along a narrow path.
If I choose to listen before getting out of the carriage, I should be led to feel smart for doing so. Reward precautionary actions such as those. It emboldens your players, builds confidence, and makes them want more. (Yes, I am a game developer, I just don't upload to Newgrounds.)

RainyG responds:

Thanks for taking the time for a detailed review - I'm sorry you didn't enjoy!

I'll definitely be incorporating the feedback into my future projects. As this was my first game, I was focused on telling a specific, very small story. It definitely wasn't for everyone and there are obviously issues.

Lots of learning from the experience though - good to hear what specifics were frustrating for you as a player. I'll look into addressing these.