Reviews for "{Blaze}"

Great job!

Your music is awesome, I can't stop listening to it :P Fast and upbeat, just how I like it.

cornandbeans responds:

thats just how I like it too!


glad you liked it. ;)

Okay review time!!!

Yes fast song. Now question....tell me what notes you played with that really fast piano sound (is that a piano?harpsichord? heck you know what I mean) or is that just a ddl sample? Plz give me the notes cause I want to use that piano like sound in my next song. I'm just gonna slow it down alot more when I play it on the keyboard. So I'm a bit ify on whether you composed this entire song are just took a bunch of samples while you did the easier stuff. Prove me wrong by giving me the notes used. :) Thanks and overall a great song no doubt. 5/5 voting. Bye for now

cornandbeans responds:

lol is that blackmail?

I used a soundfont for the piano... I got it at hammersount.net if you want it, it's relatively large. I used my midi keyboard (while recording at a slower tempo) for the leads, which after I quantized. I also layered a saw over it.

I think you want the sound more than the notes... I wrote all of the individual notes, if that's what you wanted to know.

talk to me on msn and i'll help you out with it.


Basically Rose2. But rose is one of the best songs in the audio portal so I don't have a problem with that!!!!! Really awsome sense of energy and a great melody. It's complex intricate and near perfection!!!!!


Every single song, every time, when i start to like it, and look up the author its you CAB. *sigh*

another nice song =p