Reviews for "Super Malio"

music and art is ok, but gameplay feel is a bit stinky. First there's some friction or something on the ground, which makes it so that when you're in the air you go faster, and once you hit the ground it has this sticky feeling. Next thing is the jump, which sorta accelerates up, which feels unnatural, but I suppose in the right context I could get used to it

The game is kind of boring and I was hoping that this game would be great. The thing I really don't like is how the character jumps. Through out the whole game I could not jump high so it was more changeling to jump over platforms and enemies. Most of the time the controls feels stiff and feels like you have little to no control over your character. Also this is just a nit-pick but I really don't like the sound the guy makes when you die. But I do have one good thing to say about the game, the music is alright. I hope that in the future that you could create better games. Also Keep making games to improve yourself.

Maybe you can change the speed and make it a little easier so then I will play.

not bad but... some parts are impossible to me...

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