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ehhh that kinda sucks... what started off as a REALLY fuckin cool flick just ends with some meme cancer, ah well, to start with the story is pretty basic, although that tourettes guy "BITCH!" in the beginning was pretty funny, THEN what REALLY makes this bitch ass movie shine is the action, so FAR this is one of the only movies ' i seen that has some great fuckin ' action to it, great use of some different sound effects for once aswell, i mean we all love using the old ones ' cause they sound nice in that low frequency for nostalgia purposes, but new one's are ALWAYS welcome, speakin of sound, my boy SapkyRides killed it with this badass soundtrack, actually pretty surprised it came from him to be honest, it really sounds like something that'd be in an earl 90s / mid 2000s game, which fuckin rocks, kudos to that motherfucker! so more action happens, the protagonist uses that little "lift" in the corner of the backround which is also a pretty nice touch! it's been done a few times before but it's nice to see some variation in the backround elements again, another funny bit was seeing that "REAL LIFE" traced weapon one of the agent uses lmao more action happens, the protagonist gets to a "BOSS" which is just killed HILARIOUSLY easy by gujit, then he pulls out this big ass magnum which got a pretty damn good laugh outt've me, then it all just comes to an end with this meme shit, eugh. overall GREAT fuckin action, nice use of different sound effects, fantastic fuckin ' music, and nice animation, nice work guy's!

This is high quality madness. A little bit too many scenes where the enemies just conveniently missed, but on overall the action and humor were great. I liked the characters who deus exed to help our protagonist. The second one was Conor McGregor? Didn't recognize the first one. Fun movie.

Good shit.

The animation was very nice, and you had some really good variety. I mean, yeah, it was a lot of the same enemies and a lot of shooting, but you really did have variety. You had bare-handed sections, a flip kill, some knifing, the Jack Daniels part (which was probably my favorite section because of how brutal and satisfying it was) and a whole bunch of other stuff. Even the shooting had variety, with guns being thrown and using different gun types. I really liked how the MC wasn't able to breeze through everything, the dodgy guys gave him trouble and that one guy would have killed him if it weren't for the cameo. Speaking of the dodgy guys, I really liked them, especially that one exchange where the MC was jumping over and dodging bullets himself. The whole thing was really fast-paced, energetic, and had a bit of your signature humor. Some of the kills required some suspension of disbelief, but that's just your style and those kills were really fun. There were also some fun cameos, but they weren't too distracting and there weren't that many of them. The animation quality seemed to take some dips, but it was still great for the most part. I also liked the old-school agents and the music was nice too. The ending could be a bit better without the black screen transition slowing it down, but it was still satisfying.
Overall, great job, this is probably my favorite entry yet. It wasn't that unique, but it was done REALLY well. I'm just taking off half a point for the quality dips. Happy Madness Day!

Smooth, violent, and lots of it. That was some fantastic stuff, there. Particularly fond of the inventive choreography. Also the screaming. Loved that screaming.