I don't review a Madness movie for a while, but I felt I needed to this time.
The action scenes were very enjoyable, the jokes and "acting" are great, especially in the start and the end (btw, superb ending), the music hasn't heavy beats and fits well with the way the animation goes, the lightblue agent scene was very great, sadly it ended with "someone appears from nowhere and kills the man... AND the scene aswell", and last but not least, no "convenient" kills (like an agent aiming at you but instead of shooting he waits the protagonist to fire first)... ok, there were some agents that waited to appear in the scene to act at 3:37, but wasn't so bad.
Congrats to everyone for this great piece, and keep up the good job! Congrats, Djjaner ;)

Ok, now this is epic.

Awesome sauce!

A pretty good starting entry into the madness that is MD 2018, The action was pretty slick and Kept it's pace, it had interesting ways to kill the enemies, with some amusing choice of Sound effects. Overall twas enjoyable to watch. though could of done with less memey stuff.

Otherwise a good one to start the year.

ehhh that kinda sucks... what started off as a REALLY fuckin cool flick just ends with some meme cancer, ah well, to start with the story is pretty basic, although that tourettes guy "BITCH!" in the beginning was pretty funny, THEN what REALLY makes this bitch ass movie shine is the action, so FAR this is one of the only movies ' i seen that has some great fuckin ' action to it, great use of some different sound effects for once aswell, i mean we all love using the old ones ' cause they sound nice in that low frequency for nostalgia purposes, but new one's are ALWAYS welcome, speakin of sound, my boy SapkyRides killed it with this badass soundtrack, actually pretty surprised it came from him to be honest, it really sounds like something that'd be in an earl 90s / mid 2000s game, which fuckin rocks, kudos to that motherfucker! so more action happens, the protagonist uses that little "lift" in the corner of the backround which is also a pretty nice touch! it's been done a few times before but it's nice to see some variation in the backround elements again, another funny bit was seeing that "REAL LIFE" traced weapon one of the agent uses lmao more action happens, the protagonist gets to a "BOSS" which is just killed HILARIOUSLY easy by gujit, then he pulls out this big ass magnum which got a pretty damn good laugh outt've me, then it all just comes to an end with this meme shit, eugh. overall GREAT fuckin action, nice use of different sound effects, fantastic fuckin ' music, and nice animation, nice work guy's!