Reviews for "College University pt 6-2"


Every single one of these is hilarious. The roach clip seller looked like Michael Moore.


This is brilliant i love it. Great animation and sounds. Optimus Prime is hilarious in this cartoon.


These are hilarious! These movies help keep those damned baby eating witchs off the streets... I still think the first 3 or 4 were the best though!


this shit diservs television

Best comedy on NG. Period.

I'll just have to sum up the series as a whole on the page of the best episode. The screenplay is deceptivly deep for college humour, the graphics are well done, the sound is hilarious, and you guys have ruthlessly branded your mark on the teen comedy campus with your own unique style. This deserves to have a shot alongside family guy and southpark. In the words of the man..."WOOT!".

Parks2 responds:

Hey thanks for the great review. It means a lot when fans like you really understand all the hard work that goes into this show. Thanks again, SVP