Reviews for "College University pt 6-2"

so many laughing moments

I love spaz humor.

I still thing Esp 5 is the best

This is still good. I liked Esp 5 better than this Esp I have to hope for a rebound on part 7.
THe Grpichs are still up to par the humor was off some in thsi one.

Another dissapointment

This episode was not funny!

Not Bad.

All your episodes that I have watched have been really funny and well done. This one I was sort of dissapointed with. It was pretty boring and dragged on a little. Hope the rest get back to the way they used to be.


Not bad

The Optimus Prime part was really funny but that other yellow transformer guy was stupid though. It was a lot longer than the first part of part 6 but it got a little boring at the end. I'm not really a fan of Kung-Fu Carl(sorry) though.

The animation was once again decent. The voice actingwas normal and of course, NO LAGGING, YAY!

Overall, a great flash with a lot of good characters and star wars but a little too long.