Reviews for "College University pt 6-2"

another great one

lol home dude came short of being boo'd. the security guy kicks ass. lol nice yellow Bug. Loved the graphics like always. Real good shit and of course good voices as well


Okay, I'll give you guys the 10 you deserve finally. Everything in this flash was just perfect in terms of timing. Otimus Prime and the guy with the lightsaber going at it was classic, as was the fubu robot's attempt to be cool. It's still awesome how the Dean parties with everyone else.The humor was there in all forms in this one, including the one guy ranting forever. Hopefully this series will continue to get better.


Just as good as the first. Keep it up guys I love the series.

hilarous!!!! season 2 plez?

thing is hilarous,dat dark ninja is funny "what is this so called biatch". make season 2


this episode s so funny its my personal fave