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Reviews for "Five Freddys at Night"

This was easy but boring so 3/5

That was really fun, challenging and well thought,
-0.5 because you need to watch the playthrough to 100% the game
I don't think it is possible without cheating.


it hurt, but i finally won. i still don't rly understand how some of them top secrets spawn in considering i just clicked everything on screen without order. it was rewarding to get 100%, but i can't say anything exciting happens. you just get achievements and that's it (or so it seems for me). would've been nice to see an ending of sorts ye .3.

Fun game, found out quick how to do all the puzzles, they´re really well hidden, I wish there was some sort of proper conclusion though besides just getting all the medals and that´s it, also you forgot Freddie Freaker.