Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - A curse in disguise"

I love this series of games, this is another great 1

Muja responds:

Thank you for your support, glad you're having fun!

man these are fun. I kept on hoping Ole' Cough wasn't really 'turned'. ;)

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, glad you had fun!

Jeez, I go away from newgrounds for a couple months and you make three more of these games? Guess I gotta review them all.

I've already said before that I absolutely love this series, and this one is still no exception. Good characters interacting in a fun point and click that's well designed, uses mechanics that make you think, and it's always a great fun.

*Spoiler warning from here on out*

I think this one is still very strong, and I think the dialogue and characters are actually really good this time around.

Just to get this out of the way, Yeah sewer awk is a bit broken. I actually went and called him before checking the window, and permanently missed out on a clue because I already searched his place afterwards.

You had some impressive callbacks to previous games, Talking dead is a fun character and actually reminded me of sewer awk's phone number was given! I had actually completely forgotten that fact. That and the bodyguards, and just so many good stories that happened in previous games that legitimately made me go back and play them all again.

Last game around I talked about Ghvnn being more of a happy idiot and less of a bodyguard, and even though I do see that really is what he is, I like that his strength is referenced a few times throughout this. I have no idea if you did that intentionally, but I just felt like all the characters were overall stronger this time.

A minor note I want to make is that there wasn't a lot of dialogues outside of strictly what moved the plot forward.
This is only minor, because there is still some fun little add ins, like taunting sewer awk, Margh and Ghvnn talking about locked doors, but it just felt like less fun was had. It's passable though, maybe i'm just thinking of the previous entries too much.

Something that did fall flat for me this time around is my favorite part, the clue system. You have your usual bed of clues that you link together, but the deductions themselves aren't very thought driven.

It's unreasonable to expect every one of these to have conclusions that build off of eachother, but when you're at the end about to point at the culprit, it doesn't feel like you actually figured anything out, just gained the choice of obvious suspects you were thinking of anyways.
I'm sorry if that's not worded very well, but that's how I can best describe the feeling I got.

I did like the cough twist at the end as payoff for when cats told you "Don't trust anyone", but I think there were some missed opportunities there. When the guns were discovered, I immediately thought of bratitat, especially with what "talky" was saying "Half of the city is under his control and the other half is afraid"

That, and maybe the commissioner could have come up as a possible culprit. I honestly thought that would happen, when mum-mum was saying the commissioner was dead wrong.

Difficulty wise.. I actually used the walkthrough, but I swear it's because awk's clue broke and I was very confused. Not the hardest if you just be thorough when inspecting everything, but I was outta touch when I first played it.

What is there is very good, as per usual. happy to see my favorite characters back at it again and played it through twice in one sitting. Not my favorite episode, but still the same good writing and programming you always bring. (Also, a noticeable decrease in bugs! I was very happy about this.)

I'll be reviewing the next two as well, I hope I was helpful!

Muja responds:

Hey there, I'm very sorry for replying this late to such a good review

I'm very glad for the attention to details you've showed while playing my games, and I hope that future episodes will keep enjoying you and that they'll solve a few issues you lamented here, especially about the hint system

Thank you for your very nice review, I really appreciated it!

Good as ever. Keep up the good work

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot!

I was really enjoying the game, but I unfortunately encountered a game breaking bug when I reloaded my save after getting the bad ending. Upon reloading my save, Cough's head was no longer in my inventory, which meant that I couldn't call "Sewers" Awk. It's a real shame since I was having a lot of fun with the game up until that happened.

Muja responds:

Unfortunately, yes, that's an old bug that I had no time to fix. The only way to reach the other ending is to start a new game.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your review!