Reviews for "Unsafe - chapter 2"

Graphics are good for a game made in 5 days.
I don't want to come off harsh, as I am sure the author has emotional ties to the story line, but it felt cliche. Religion = bad, gay = no one understands, etc. I felt kindof bad for the kid at first, but when religion was brought into the fold as the bad guy and then find out he .... *trying to avoid spoilers* at the end, I felt he deserved it. Not sure what happened with his friend. I figured that's what was going to happen, but thought there would be more to explain it...

Also, the controls were sticky. Took me awhile to figure out to get the puzzles to work correctly you had to have inventory turned on. Also if you walk right instead of left, you don't know E is to interact.

God I'm still impressed, the story for me was very good and emotionally devastating, the ending was raw and (although maybe somewhat predictable) it was definitely devastating if you managed to empathize with the protagonist.

I do not give 5 stars to the game (which I consider more like an interactive story) because in the technical section it can definitely be improved with more pleasant controls, fine-tuning some details, fixing a couple of errors (there is an error that makes you have double of the objects you really need and the doors unlock themselves, without any explanation) and perhaps extending the duration of the game.

I really congratulate you, you have a great job at hand, I would love to see this work grow.

beautiful, powerful story line. Great graphics! I really enjoyed this, I only wish there was more. Pls keep it up...

arty-farty responds:

thank you

Good job congrats! It works good and i love the ambiance!

Ok.. So, the game is pretty, and aside from the interact button seeming to not always work the first try (especially with codes) it seems to function very well. However there doesn't seem to be much of a game going on here, it is more of an interactive story. There isn't any survival to the game as you seem to make it to the end by default. There is one puzzle, which isn't very puzzling. There isn't really any horror to it, and the 'twist' was very predictable. On the plus side you did have good character development, I felt sorry for the kid and even liked them right up to the end. At which point all sympathy was lost and I decided he was an asshat who deserves to be tormented for being as such. Indeed that ending kind of screwed up the rest of the story for me. In addition to what he did to get there (being vague to avoid spoilers), I didn't really feel like there was any resolution other then perhaps that I kinda felt like he should be there. My two cents anyhow.