Reviews for "Unsafe - chapter 2"

Although short, this game lived up to my expectations. Unsafe is truly a GREAT concept, and it is proving to continue to be. Everyone else is nitpicking, I believe, because for making this in only five days, this is pretty amazing. In both games, Unsafe has proven to be shrouded in mystery and confusion, with a puzzle element to it, and never ceases to entertain me. I truly praise this game and your brilliant mind!

Idk wtf people are talking about maybe they dont have sympathy for the gay kids that actually experienced this or maybe they want the story spoonfed to them, whatever the case this was a beautiful game with a great storyline, I cant believe you made it in 5 days. It is sort of more of an experience I guess but for 5 days you really knocked this one out of the park, one of my favourite ones on this site!! Good job

Nice game but chapter one was more interesting and better. There really is no new story material here. Glad to see that they all went to Hell in the end.

not gonna talk about story,five days work , good...but sticky controllers,don't know why.

pretty good game. religion is ludicrous btw