Reviews for "Unsafe - chapter 2"

Nice but crappy controls, got stuck so often.

F...... tired of having to try and guess what key to press. Should have written it under your game.

It already took me a while to have the notification for the inventory to appear on my screen. Now I'm in front of the computer and I don't f..... know how to get off it. I reloaded and now I'm in front of a code I don't f..... know how to get off it also.

You just write controls in the authors comments next time, like nearly everybody does.

I feel like this was more of an interactive story than a game. Also part of being a writer for games books movies etc is being able to get the player to relate to the character emotionally and have sympathy for them so they can understand their motives for doing the good or bad things they do. I felt you missed that mark when finding out what the main character did to his father after he was otherwise shown as a sweet innocent misunderstood teen. up until that point i did feel an emotional connection to him and was disappointed to see he really deserved to be where he was at. Some parts of the game felt cliche and one-dimensional (All the mean intolerant Christians hate gay teenage boy). Also the controls were very glitchy and at one point it froze for about 2 minutes. Nevertheless I did enjoy this game and wished it was longer. It was creepy and suspenseful and entertaining. The art style was also very nice-looking. I thought the pamphlets on the ground revealing parts of the story were a nice touch. I think if you had had more time to flesh out the story and add some more puzzles this could have been a great game instead of a good game. I hope you will make more games like this .

Great game so far. I wonder how it would've been if you had more time to finish the game.

I liked the story, while there are people who don't get it, the story is all about a kid who lives a normal life, then things start to roughen up when they find out his and his friend's secret.

The ending was just too abrupt, and while we get an idea that we are in his subconscious, things don't add up when we find Daniel.

Concerning the controls, there are a lot of times it gets stuck. The only way to fix it, is to use "i" and then use the controls again. It somehow releases it from being stuck.

You should keep up the good work!

Not a bad game overall, but there are few things I want to mention.

Interaction button gets stuck regularly. It's really annoying. Also run button would be a nice addition.

Liked it first, but ending is really disappointing. The main problem is the character himself. At first I was sorry for the poor guy being bullied etc. But then... Do you expect me to have any sympathy to the teen brat who decided to commit suicide and took his father (and other innocent people from the oncoming traffic) with him to the grave?

arty-farty responds:

maybe that is why he ended where he did...