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Reviews for "GWL2 Both of You, Fuck Like You Want to Win!"

Well, well, welly, well, well. You just Doki Dokied allll over me. Amazing job. Love the writing, love the jokes, love the art, love the music, love the scenes. 10 out of 10 I'll take that underhanded-ass jump scare any day as long as the content is quality. All the work that's been done is absolutely outstanding.

Now, enough dick sucking. Critique time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ok, ok. I really had to think about this one, what happened to the settings menu with the save/load and volume and "Exit to Menu" (without pressing esc)? Obviously, if you're going to have the event tree there, there is no reason to care about save/load system, but I do like to control volume. Immaaaa I'm a multitasker . . . . . Anyway, it's just that I think it would be convenient to have.

Hopefully, you haven't actually run out of ideas . . . wouldn't blame you if you did with you shot gunning all your metaphors like a nymphomaniac's addiction to . . . sex . . . meh, you used the word 'Lithe,' I'm sure you're aware of the fact that Hayley is nymphomaniac / cock-addict / a-dick-ted. I just find it funny how nymphomaniac is an actual word in dictionaries to describe full blown sex addicts. But anyway, I digress. This game is great. A couple option buttons at the bottom of the text box (maybe) would be great. Keep livin' your best life. I'm gonna go make the music my ring tone. "Which on?" ALL OF THEM

GameGWL responds:

Thank you for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :3

GWL1 had the settings menu because I made it with a visual novel program, but I decided to do this one in flash since it was easier to add animations.

I'm currently working on the next game and I still have plenty of ideas x3 so expect lots of dick based puns and rambling dialogue :3

Well, damn slap my butt and pray to Jesus cause this was a game and a half. The visuals are so nice the story was quite entertaining and the music was how you say *sexy*. Hayley is a bombshell but the music IS AMAZING*! My favorite scene was the Tiny Steiner and Bull/Cow sex tape fantasy she had. I hope to support you in whatever you do! Keep on doing your thang!

5/5 would smash cow Hayley again

GameGWL responds:

When Sony stop being cowards and finally port GWL to the Nintenstation4, I'm going to use "5/5 would smash cow Hayley again" as one of the box quotes.

Fucking "Zaibatsu" showing up killed my hard on. Good job on everything though.

GameGWL responds:

Did it kill it... Or did it make it 200% stronger?!

Game is pretty good, my favourite is definitely the hotel with Penelope, most adult games I play are pretty short so it's cool to play a game with a longer adventure and multiple endings. Also this is my first review, so sorry of it sucked.

GameGWL responds:

Thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you had fun with the game x

So close to perfection. Achieving it's goal of being a parody while still leaving a smile instead of frustrated blue balls. The ONLY gripe I have (and it's a gripe worthy of taking away half a star, damn you!) is the 'other' ending being a breaking loop requiring me to restart the page if I wanted to go back and look for secrets after experiencing the endings pure. Soooo maybe don't next time? Please? Found it hilarious otherwise.