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Reviews for "GWL2 Both of You, Fuck Like You Want to Win!"

Ironically this game is incredible and on the god-tier of adult Newgrounds games

But unironically it's actually really entertaining and it's almost kind of a shame that it's a Newgrounds porn game

Oh and uh, not to mention that the Go Home ending was the second ending I played through, and it scared the shit out of me at 2AM. So, like, I hate it, but well done! I'm gonna have nightmares about warped-faced big tiddy sweater dress-wearing wrestler ladies for a little while

Played through all the scenes. I almost skipped the Go Home ending, since I thought that would just be a generic throwaway ending. NOPE. Now I'm bummed that Go Home isn't the actual game and the rest of the content isn't an elaborate distraction.

I chose to go home and I got scared shitless with my dick in my hand. :,(

I just played this bc it seemed funny, and I absolutely love Hachu being a massive fuck and breaking gravity, and I couldn't help but notice a bunch of tiny Hayley here and there, like on top of the bus stop

Most amazing game ever! I was nonstop laughing from start to finish! The secrets and endings are all amazing! Thanks for making this sequel!

GameGWL responds:

Thank you so much :3 I'm glad you had fun with it