Reviews for "Full Time Part Time : Foamy The Squirrel"

Preach on Nutty Brother!

Yeah... I remember full time Jobs. Because I STILL OFFER THEM to employees!

But no one takes me up on it. NO ONE WANTS TO Work!!!!!
NO I do not have to offer Health care. Because I am an agricultural employer. But I HAVE offered it to try to get full time help.... Did not get any employees interested. LAZY Good for NOTHING bags of SHIT! $13.00 an hour 7 am to 6pm... Dig fence posts, stretch wire, feed cattle, cut trees off fence, feed cattle, repair machines like tractors pickups and hay sleds. ACTUAL FUCKING WORK! Every day 6 and 1/2 days a week. Average of 47 hrs per week. "oh I want my weekends off! Fuck I have not had a weekend in 20 years!!!! Bitch bitch bitch about no jobs.... MY LIFE!!!! bunch of lazy dumb fucksticks! Plenty of work in agriculture but none of you lazy bastards want to do it! So BITCH ABOUT NO FULL TIME JOBS ALL YOU WANT FOAMY! Because it is a LIE! Ag jobs are ready and available but no one wants to work that hard. Another 10 to 20 years of this shit and your damn NYC bagels will be an extra seven dollars because the US small farmer and rancher will be gone. Good luck buying your wheat from Brazil!

Bitch about jobs all you want people but unless you actually want to get off your ass and work I am just going to tell you Fuck the hell off!

There you go Foamy there is a rant for you.

No jobs? Bullshit just no jobs lazy asshats don't want! How about coming out to my place and working from sun up to sun down digging fence posts or feeding cattle? Hell I will offer a $11 an hour just to shovel shit out of my barn and rebuild corral fence! That is at least two months of 40 hr per week or more work right there. Any takers?
No? gee I thought not.

Wow! It's great to see Foamy the Squirrel ranting about an important topic again! Not only did he hit the points home about full time and part time jobs, but brought up solutions and advice that we must all take heed. Also, the animation is just as cool as ever! Everyone should see this! Seriously!
Also, if illwillpress is offering merchandise, but at least one item to help them out.

A very harsh truth. Kids need to see this.

the bottom line is saving money no one gives a fuk, sadly.