Reviews for "Full Time Part Time : Foamy The Squirrel"

I shall OBEY!

Probably one of the better Foamy rants. It's mostly good advice but there are a couple majorly important issues overlooked.

- Depending on the business, it can cost a lot of money to start and run a business. This isn't a problem if you already have a good thing running, but can be an absolute dealbreaker or a killer at the start. You basically already need a ton of cash before you can start.

- Government regulations. Sometimes that can put a damper on things. Or maybe there is already a government-granted local monopoly or you would run into patent infringement or other legal issues and either can't run your business or would need to pay off the right people first.

But yes if it's possible to start and run your own business and you can be successful at doing that, obviously that's ideal. Realistically it may not always be possible though due to see points 1 and 2 above.

The real problem? Consumer culture. If we can get people to value quality over quantity, to the extent they're willing to pay more for quality, perhaps we raise the standards for all and can actually afford to hire quality people to work quality jobs. Unfortunately most people are cheapskates who don't care about quality and just look at the lowest dollar price, which is why everything is now made in China or similar.