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Reviews for "The Sky House"

It's a decent little game. I think the character is very floaty in a good way, and I like the mechanic of being able to descend faster by pressing down.

I wish there was a little music or ambiance in the background to make it less bleak, but I did like the way that the traps had sound cues to keep a good rhythm going - made flying through the areas a little less frustrating when I had something by which I could pace myself. However, the jumping noise was very grating. It could have been fine if it was just for the jumping, but having it as the flying made it a headache to go through flight-heavy passages.

I liked how simple the goals were - I'm a sucker for simple metroidvanias, and it was fun to accidentally get lost or go somewhere that I wasn't supposed to go yet. I liked how there was never an explicit direction, and that I had to work to find out what to do myself.

This was going to get three stars until the very end, with the rumbling of the house. It was so violent and disorienting that the game became frustrating, and I felt a little sick after having to do the same part again and again. It could have worked if it was toned down, but Jesus, in its current state, it was a very unpleasant experience.

Overall, it's still an okay game. I can't say I regret spending 1,229 seconds playing it. I want to see more from you - you have a good sense of mechanics and can make cute pixelated graphics that aren't gaudy, uninspired, or just plain terrible looking like most other nu-retro games.

Finding keys to open door doesn't make a game a metroidvania.

The controls are clunky and make it way to hard to dodge the lasers.

A terrible control scheme with imprecise input leading to countless deaths in the same room.
Frustrating, dull to look at, cannot mute the incessant hopping sound.

This game is the worst. The controls don't work, and I can't fly. Blam this