Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

Best "Mr.T vs." ever.

Besides, anything that involves killing children is tops in my book.

Looooool, great flash!!!

Haha, I loved it!
I really don't have anything to say that's negative in some kinda way!
It's really good!
And funny!!!!

The music was great too!

Damn, I love you!

This is a funny movie...

First off i would like to say great job, this is one of the funniest flash movies i have seen.

Now the graphics weren't at all good, but i think it added to the funny side of the movie, if you hate hitler..and like watching mister T calling murdock a fool, and seeing The president getting shit hung on him, then watch this movie, i'm gonna give it a four, this is a pretty funny movie, but needs more violence heh..