Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"


OMG this shit's gotto go to TV!!! The plot is so funny!!!! Excellent story telling it looks like a real TV episode! Only thing I would critisize is the file size. Try to compress the music and graphics if you didn't already, and try to use less pictures of the characters. And making a preloader is not that hard at all, check out this flash tutorial site: www.kirupa.com
Peace man, your movie's great! :D


You know, God DID give rock and roll to us!


listen whoever says this movie is crap,then they don't have a imagination..bill & ted !lol! i'm going to rent the movie today cause of you..the story line was corny but it wasn't confusing at all..you have a great imagination and that's what flash creativity is all about!good job


and i saw that movie so i thought it was even more funny and it was monty-pythonish but thats what made it so good! and what was up with the monkey?

I laughed. It's been a while

You found the greatest pictures. I didn't know that many pictures existed of T and especially of Murdock. Im-pressed.