Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

That Mr. T....what a character!

Bill and Ted? Genius. I watched an episode of the A-Team where Mr. T slung a person over his head like Jax from Mortal Kombat, and did so without breaking a sweat....What you jibba jabberin about fool? Keep them coming!

Great movie but...

Hitler was a VEGETARIAN! I've taken too many WWII classes to know this was a common fact. Other than that, good job on the movie! I really liked your Osama vs. Mr T. one!

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You gotta love Bill and Ted.


this is awesome.

This is by far one of the most hilarious movies i've had the pleasure of viewing on this site. It is extremely innovative, and the horrible animation makes for an incredibly hilarious medium. My only problem with it is that damn helluva stuff it was funny at first but it became very tedious. but its still awesome, bravo!


I like mr.T and the story was funny but this movie is *WAY* overrated. The picture ripping is absolutely awfull. But the story is great. MrT's van is a better time machine than Back to the Future's Dolorian car.