Reviews for "Kilroy Madness"

I love it, the slow but heavy combat with the blood splatters, the realistically moving camera, who knew realism (if done right, not like that live action movie on YT) could fit so well with madness? I enjoy the story you had, even though it wasn't traditional and was story heavy, I really enjoyed it.

WOW, just WOW. Amazing ww2 era and madness, good combination. Love it

Atmospheric, gritty, and tense. I really liked how the artwork looked, too. Really sharp.

Diotoons responds:

I'm really glad you liked it :D thanks!

This is great!
It's a very atmospheric spin on madness that I wouldn't expect since it's an adrenaline driven murder fest.
The execution was flawless and the timing great!
just awesome.

Of what I saw so far of Madness Day 2017. This is probably my favorite.