Reviews for "Kilroy Madness"

Animation is fluid, Story is pretty good and im liking the effects when someone gets shot. Pretty damn good work here. Gonna be in my Faves.

P.S. This whole thing is quite surreal im liking it.

Guess it wasn't that personal after all, just a new setting for the carnage to take place in. :) Compared to the second one this felt like a bit more story, even with bits of text to explain location changes- even if it never was a particularly scriptive one - but the setting's impeccable. Atmospheric audio and realistic action, and tension too. With the second you didn't really know who to feel sympathy for, but with this one it's all clear.

Nice work with these! There's just something special about WW2, and with Madness: what an awesome combination. Hope to see more like this for more Madness Days of the future too! Also pretty nice work telling this story without dialog.


Not bad, not bad at all.

I do like the very frequently close up nature of the camera which very frequently means that it's harder to tell what's going on as a whole, which works perfectly during the introductory scenes and sniper scenes. It enhances tension and makes things far more suspenseful.

The problem is that it doesn't ALWAYS work. The fight scenes in the lab in the middle are a good example of this, suddenly you HAVE to show reaction shots whereas in normal wide full screen room madness framing, all you'd have to show is the guy getting shot and both of those are automatically organically there, happening simultaneously.
Being able to zoom in and cut back and forth might be a good idea for a later cartoon, in order to allow for more intricate, wide shot fight scenes like Madness is known for in order to let the less suspenseful parts flow better.

So much action!

I really dig the more realistically shaped heads.