Reviews for "Kilroy Madness"

God damn fabulous, I love seeing uniqueness in Madness animations, and this one was very compelling!

Very good ! I want to see the rest of the story.

Everything about this video, from the art to the story and even the animation was great. But I don't recall soldiers on the field having beards like that.

Diotoons responds:

I know what you mean, i just like to draw beards lol

ww2 madness, an emerging genre.

Nice job, some inaccuracies though.

stylistic choices i won't critique, just the historical inaccuracies.

1. uniforms and equipment,
Germans wore grey, americans wore tan
the webbing for the americans was also tan
webbing for germans wrong shape
all germans have the same pouches.
2. medics
medics were not issued guns, they were non-combatants.
3. beards
all soldiers were clean-shaven upon being deployed. only the Gerbigsj├Ąger and Kriegsmarine were allowed to grow beards.
4. german camo
i notice a distinct lack of camo patterns, and the german camo tunics were of a much different cut.

aside from that, solid film.

Happy Madness! Absolutely great and stylish movie! worth all 5 stars!