Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

Very Funny


Funny stuff!!

This short came out of nowhere, and has not been followed-up - but it still stands as one of the great examples of what the Portal is all about. It's funny, understated, and well-drawn - my Dad the Biology teacher saw it and laughed. Very nice!

Really Original

It's about time we saw someone rip those damn Mutual of Omaha shows. I think Marlin Perkins might be slightly proud. Great Subtle humor, which is often difficult to accomplish in this medium

#1 Fave!

Dear God, I can never stop watching this movie! This IS my altime favorite Flash animation to date! Don't forget the Post, the Banshee, the Harpsichord, AND the Polar Bear!

Sucks To Be A Shrew

Great clip.. i hope that i don't get reincarnated into a Shrew :(