Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

Hah! I kill me!

::falls down laughing::
what is it about a british accent that makes EVERYTHING about a jillion times funnier?
but this just flat out roks. inane, well animated... very monty-python-esque.

very worthwhile, worthy of multiple viewings while completely intoxicated off of salmon piss and llama turds.

I loved this.

The whole idea is freakin funny! Please make another one only parody of The Crocodile Hunter. Now that would be funny.


It's kinda like my life

That was fuckin hilarous!

How funney was that! I was on the floor in stiches!keep up the funneyness. It well deserves a good ranking. Look forward to seeing more!

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It was a well put together penis... flas- penis-h mov-penis-ie....peins? epnis? pnise?