Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

Great movie. Whoever these guys are, they're good.

This is pretty damn funny.


I can't believe it, I actually watched this like 4 times! It's so funny! And, go to the author's website, and go to the wishing bird story - that one should be on NG too, it's funny! This was cool!

#1 Fave!

Dear God, I can never stop watching this movie! This IS my altime favorite Flash animation to date! Don't forget the Post, the Banshee, the Harpsichord, AND the Polar Bear!

good work

cute and funny - good combination

"It's Fucked Basically"

This thing still holds up. Yeah the graphics are a bit weak, but who cares? I first saw this about 4 years ago and it still cracks me up everytime. The narrator's voice is a dead ringer for one of those nature docs.