Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

This is some funny funny SHIT!

Okay, seriously that was fantastic. Great comic timing and to the point. I could have watched that list go on for days! I wish it was longer and that is the only complaint you'll get from me... Great job!


This is one of the most original and old movies that have stood the test of time on the portal... and its lasted cuz it kicks arse!!

Different . . .

If not short

This really is God-Like!

Why is everybody giving this crap reviews? This is one of the best NG submissions EVER, better than the shite being churned out nowadays-give it the respect it deserves!

not that good...

yeah, it was ok, nothin' special though, I think I may have chuckled...slightly...on the inside...probably not though. good effort anyways.