Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

Emmy winning material: informative, moving.

"The Pygmy Shrew," by POX entertainment, is the epitome of award winning nature documentary. The helplessness of the pygmy shrew's situation is hightened by stunning cinematography, inspired narration, and a moving soundtrack. The film is concluded with a line that illustrates the shrew's hopeless spiral towards extinction: "It's fucked, basically."

He he. got a laugh or two out of this one.

pygmy shrews are cool. cool pictures and voice. sounds just like a nature show

Funny Stuff

Great voice, funny shrew pictures, well made and written. Good Job

Well, well....


Not Really..This is a very decent movie:)
It's very funny!I hope you make more of these soon...(even though there were some mistakes and shit stuff)

A bad movie with no point.

This movie is basically a pointless violent waste of time. This fits in well w/ most NG movies, however unlike other pointless violent movies this one is boring and not funny at all. It is short and whoever made it should be taken out back and shot.