Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

this is a classic

I absolutely loved this movie.


Funny 'cos it's simple!!!

This portal entry is funny, not only because of the way the shrews look so innocent, but because it's simple and anything else that would be added would ruin it's style. The funniest part of this movie is the list of predators...i mean, where the hell did the POX get the idea of a harpsichord from??? Definitely one of the funniest flash movies i've ever seen...POX, MAKE MORE !!!!

This monty wannabe is great

I can only compare this short to the works of monty python, and we all know that monty python kicks ass. The pox is a funny group of individuals and i hope they make some more movies for new grounds.

Funny as hell!

This movie is hilarious! The cartoony-look and ludicrous dialogue make great movie.