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Reviews for "Vernon Jane - F*ck Me (Official Music Video)"

lemme be honest.. I Love every little detail from the range and style of the vocals, lyrics, instrumentals, especially the trumpets there in the middle :). the whole animation, is just on point for the mood and well done... I love her vocals, so dope. It was all so unexpected, and that made it all the sweeter

That was lovely. Really liked the song, but would have been nice to get a bit more context and less recycled scenes.

Art was good, absolutely loved the art. story was non existent, even the most insane gibberish at least tied together at the end. The song felt like a rip off of "f me like an animal- by 9 inch nails" and someone tell that poor girl she cant sing her voice was cracking all through out the song.

Pretty solid work. It's a little repetative in how the scenes repeat, it's not my taste, but that's not going to get a down vote. So I give a 4.5 star, good quality but needs less recycled frames to get the 5

Feels like a cliche amateur wannabe metal song. Lyrics don't flow or make a lot of sense, even in a poetic context. The video is simply grotesque. I get the imagery, but it's just too sensational with no substance. It goes to the predictable cookie cutter finale of release and power and freedom with absolutely no details leading to that point. Just bondage and the freedom with no body of content. Like paint by numbers music video of images that are known to get a reaction. Grotesque for the sake of being grotesque and getting shock value is not art. Just feels commercial through and through, 90's style.