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Reviews for "Vernon Jane - F*ck Me (Official Music Video)"

I've just experienced the actual most AWESOME THING IN EXISTENCE.

PLEASE tell me this is being made into a full length animation!?! this would make a great series. If there is a series already in the works, I can't wait to see it! great work.

Cool animation but god damn that band stole the show hard. Had to check out (and soon purchase) their first album and was pleasantly surprised to see they usually don't rock this hard.They have a more chill demeanor throughout, while still getting pretty heavy here and there. They bill themselves as an experimental psychedelic rock/jazz band and they managed to perfectly blend these genres together so no one genre stands out in particular making very a groovy yet unique sound throughout the 2016 album. If this song was a little "loud" for you, I highly recommend checking them out anyway, maybe even more so.

As for the animation, it was lovely to look at and I'm definitely going to have to check out more stuff by him, but all praise be onto the band behind the animation.

Awesome.! It blowed my mind as well.! :D

What in the actual fuck