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Reviews for "Vernon Jane - F*ck Me (Official Music Video)"

I'm speechless...
this deserves my soul.

I meant to score it a five but my phone is shit, this needs a ten, and more. This is amazing

The raw feeling of it all blew me away, which is rare for a music video these days;
I love it

Hey, I saw another character at 4:05! No idea what it is called, but it was with a whole religion and a priest being abducted or something, haha! :D

Visually perfect.
Musically almost. It'd be a brilliant goddamn song if it was mixed a little better. It feels like there was very slight echo distortion added to it in post-production that made the sound slightly dulled. It might have been a matter of the recording studio though. It would gain a LOT from getting the sound a little sharper/cleaner on the high-pitch end.
Also - the mix makes the vocals slightly unintelligible at moments.

Visuals - Newgrounds/10
Song - 9/10
Mixing - 7/10